September Luncheon: The Marketers Happiness Report

Speaker: Matt Snodgrass, Speaker, Director of Marketing at MarketingProfs
Thursday, September 19, 2019, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - Fetzer Center

Every year marketers are bombarded by research that covers the top tools, hottest trends, and latest marketing ideas, but there’s almost no research that focuses on the marketer as a person. Very little of that focuses on YOU. Until now. Join MarketingProfs Director of Marketing Matt Snodgrass as he recaps the findings from the first-ever MarketingProfs Marketer’s Happiness Report. You’ll learn what makes marketers tick, what we’re doing to improve our personal and professional lives, the things that provide us inspiration and fulfillment (as well as those that burn us out), and much more. This is one session you won’t want to miss!

Matt Snodgrass is the Director of Marketing for MarketingProfs and has developed both B2B and B2C projects of all sizes. In prior lives, he’s been a zookeeper, worked with the CDC on anthrax testing, and led the e-commerce charge at a drug informatics company. After working in highly-regulated industries for the first 10 years of his marketing life, he’s having a lot more fun with his creative (and his career) as part of the MarketingProfs team. He’s a huge fan of board games, podcasts, and marketing research and will gladly talk with you about any of them. At length.