Sustainable Marketing: Creating Value for Firms, Customers and Society

Speaker: Abigail B. Schneider
Thursday, January 20, 2022 -- Noon-1pm -- ONLINE Only

“Sustainability” has become a buzzword in business, but what does it really mean, and how could engaging in sustainable practices help your company to thrive? Drawing on her recent work with colleagues, Dr. Abby Schneider will dispel the myth that sustainable marketing is merely greenwashing and present a new paradigm of marketing that weaves sustainability into the fabric of various marketing decisions. And she will show how adopting this new model, compared with the old view of marketing, creates long-term value for the firm, customers, and society.

Join Abby as she shares insights on:

The history of marketing and how it is currently defined.
Why marketing, as it is typically practiced, is not sustainable.
How we can redefine marketing to promote a flourishing world.
How companies are already practicing sustained value marketing…and how you can, too!